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From: Andrew O'Brien
Location: Dallas, Texas
Time: 6:15 PM on a Sunday, because I can't stop thinking about business

I started where you are


No following, no brand recognition.  I didn't even own a Facebook page.

I did what everyone told me to do in order to spread my message.  Launched a podcast, did a vlog, wrote articles, created offers, built lead magnets.  None of it was moving the needle for me.  I didn't have THOUSANDS of dollars to put into my marketing.

Sound familiar?

I know I'm not the only one that's been there before.  I had to find a way to spread my message without having to spend money that I didn't have. So I went after earned media and it changed my life forever. I spent 3 years traveling the world, speaking on stages and becoming a Subject Matter Expert in my field.  It was all thanks to ONE news interview!



Building a 7 figure PR firm in 12 months

After 3 years of traveling the world, the military went through budget cuts and couldn't hire me anymore. So I went on to build a PR firm and broke 7 figures our first year in business.  How?


I then realized I was meeting all of these amazing Entrepreneurs with great stories but they couldn't afford me.  It became clear that the only ones that could afford PR are those who were already succeeding.


After 2 years of scaling far too quickly in the PR world I crashed and burned. The world humbled me in many ways. Including going from manbun to BALD!

So while planning my comeback journey after taking a break for 6 years, I chose to take a different route.  I wanted to help those amazing Entrepreneurs I had met over the years that couldn't afford an expensive PR firm but had a story that deserved to be shared.

So I created  A software to help your everyday Entrepreneur earn their way into global media outlets combining the power of our proprietary pitching process with the integration of Artificial Intelligence.  We provide the contacts and the software writes the pitch for you!


30 days free


This platform that WILL land you news interviews at top global media outlets in less than 30 days.

If you want to finally land your first news interview and begin to generate publicity for your business, then this letter will show you how.

Here's the deal:

I'm looking for folks who have NOT landed a news interview using PressNation or people who had a PressNation account at one point but canceled before landing their first news interview.

Today, I'm going to GIVE YOU a 99.99% "Done-For-You" news interview landing system...

But that's not all...

To ensure your success... and to give you the biggest leg-up possible with your first news interview, I'm going to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED to finally land your first interview... including over $7,748 worth of step-by-step landing instructions and PR secrets...

Absolutely FREE!


And if you're still wondering if this is right for you, I want to make this crystal clear....

  • It doesn't matter if you've never been interviewed by the press before...
  • ​It doesn't matter if you're not 100% sure "what" you want to say... (this is actually a good thing, and you'll see why in a sec...)
  • ​It doesn't matter if you feel you don't have all the resources... (again, I'm going to give you everything you need)
  • ​It doesn't matter if you've never written a single word of copy... never designed a pitch in your life...
  • ​And it DEFINITELY doesn't matter if you're not "tech-savvy" (if you can point & click, then you're already way ahead of the game).

Click, click, pitch

80% response rate on cold pitches

No copy and paste template, no email blasting. A strategic approach to cold pitching cold contacts who have no idea who you are that works 80% of the time.

As long as you know how to fill out a form and click a button, then getting in the news is going to be easy.  Just follow these steps:

  • Answer a few questions about the reporter that you're pitching
  • ​Click a button and watch as the software writes the pitch for you
  • ​Send the email out with the click of a button and watch as you receive a response the same day

We have seen responses that led into news interviews to pitches generate by our platform in as little as 20 minutes.  Dedicate as little as 30 minutes a day to this platform and you will begin to spread your message through top global media outlets.

Don't listen to me, let's hear from others.

success stories from others.


All You Have To Do Is Click A Button

And The Entire Kit Is Yours... For FREE!

great.. but what do i pitch?

You know earned media is good for business, but you may have no idea what to do next.

I have built an entire suite of tools to make sure that you succeed!  It's literally EVERYTHING you need to start landing news interviews that lead to business growth, brand expansion and lead generation as early as tomororow.

Want to get featured on TV?  We've got you covered with an online training.

Trying to figure out your Media Worthy Story?  We're giving you a step-by-step action plan for that.

Need a database of reporters?  I'll give you access to THOUSANDS!

Trying to find a way to make a HUGE splash?  I've created a Publicity Stunt training for those that like to go BIG.

Want to save money and get rid of a few bills?  I'm giving you access to our powerful social media management tool & ad builder so you can cancel the other tools you're paying for.


Why I'm Giving This Away For Free...

If I give you access to every tool you could possibly need to start landing news interviews which will lead to you standing out in your industry which will lead into you generating more leads for your business...

You'll stick around and continue using the tool.  

If we make sure you win... we win!



'3 Secrets'

  To PressHacking

'PressHacking' is the process of using strategic and creative methods to get media coverage for a person, brand, or product.

In this weekly live course we will walk you through the 3 secrets to successful PressHacking...

...without having to overcomplicate it or getting lost in the process!

Imagine having a blueprint on exactly what you need to do in order to get your business featured in media outlets that will have the largest impact on your business... with no PR experience needed.

here are the secrets you'll learn

That will show you exactly what to do to PressHack your way into top online media publications your audience trusts and visits the most so you can capitalize on that trust to build a strong reputation with a cold audience that's never heard of you before.

Secret #1


We will show you the exact process to follow when it comes to selecting the right media outlet that will have the largest impact on your business and finding the right contact within that outlet.

In this secret you'll learn...

  • Pick: How to find which media outlets will have the largest impact on your business based on your industry.
  • PinPoint: Finding the most relevant stories within that media outlet so you know which reporters to target.
  • Profile: What to look for when looking into a media contact to help increase your chances of a response.
  • ​Position: Forming a media worthy story specific to that reporter based on all the previous steps.

Secret #2

Perfect Media Pitch

Press Releases do NOT work unless you're a celebrity, big corporation or politician. In this secret we show you exactly how to form the perfect media pitch that gets an average of 80% response rate on cold pitches to cold contacts.

In this secret you'll learn how to structure a pitch following these steps...

  • Respect: How to make the reporter experience the emotional response of respect as soon as they read the email.
  • Research: Proving to the reporter that you know more about them then the average copy & paste emails they receive.
  • Relate: Finding a deeper connecting point to build rapport in the first contact.
  • Reflect: Writing a qualifying statement that will intrigue them enough to want to learn more.
  • Request: Creating a small ask without diving straight into the large ask.

Secret #3

Coverage to Conversion

Getting in the news is great for ego, but in business we all know that what matters most is spending our time increasing the revenue inside of our business. We show you how to leverage every earned media piece and turn it into a powerful lead generation tool.

In this secret you'll learn...

  • Create: How to create content leveraging the earned media pieces that goes much deeper than your average "as seen on" banners.
  • Campaign: Don't just depend on organic traffic from the media outlet, we break down steps to take to continue to get traffic long after the piece has run it's course.
  • Capitalize: How to leverage the earned media to increase conversions to what matters most to you.. whether that be more sales, more stages to speak on, more clients or more leads.


Media Contact


Once you've figured out the PressHacking strategy, you'll be ready to start pitching the news. We realized the most time consuming part of getting media coverage is finding the right media contact. So we solved that problem...

We're Going To Give You Access To Thousands!

We have an entire team dedicated to scouring the web and finding media contacts.  We don't use web crawlers.  They scour each website to ensure that reporter still works for the media outlet.

In our database of thousands of media contacts you'll be able to access their...

  • Email
  • Topic They Cover
  • Author Profile
  • ​LinkedIn Profile

To make it even easier, with the click of a button it autofills their information into the pitch generator for you.

We're Going Even Further To Make Sure You Win!

Looking for a specific media outlet that we don't currently have contacts for in our database?  Simply fill out a form letting us know which media outlet you need contacts at and our team will get them added to the database within 2 business days!

Don't worry about switching in between screens when filling out the pitch generator form...

We made it so that you can see their author profile and LinkedIn profile on the same screen so you can easily answer the questions without having to switch back and forth between tabs.


PressHacking TV


Getting television coverage for your business is a great tool, even if it's just the local television news outlet.  These videos become great tools to leverage in your marketing and content channels.

Imagine A Video Promo Showing You Featured On Multiple TV News Outlets!

An asset like that would easily build trust and credibility with a cold audience that has never heard of you before.  In this digital course we will walk you through exactly what to do in order to get your business earned media coverage on both local and national television news outlets.

In this course we will provide you a blueprint on how to...

  • Land spots On Local Live Morning Shows
  • Create A Story That Will Intrigue Local TV News Outlets
  • Getting Local TV News To Attend Your Events
  • ​Landing Coverage On National TV News Outlets

This Strategy Has Worked For MANY Of Our Students!

After years of getting myself coverage on TV news outlets around the country and even the world, I wanted to see if I could teach others to do the same.  After taking this level of training, we've watched many other students go on to get TV news coverage.

We even dive into positioning yourself as the Subject Matter Expert so that the media will come to you instead of you having to hunt them.


Publicity Stunt


The term "Publicity Stunt" is NOT a negative term.  There are ways to ethically do a publicity stunt that helps you make a larger impact on the people you care most about while also helping you scale and grow your business brand and reputation.

This Training Is For Those That Like To Go BIG In What They Do!

If you're like me, when you start strategizing a new way to build your business... you like to do it BIG.  Which means you don't go at it half way.  You create a plan to create as much impact in as little amount of time as possible.

With the right strategically planned publicity stunt, one news interview could lead into the Associated Press picking it up and spreading the story across the country.  Just like it did for me.

Here's what you're going to do over the course of 3 days...  


Impact Planning

A good publicity stunt needs to have some form of major impact on a specific community of people that you care most about. So during day one we are going to strategize on the who, how, what and when.

You'll leave this day knowing how to...

  • Who: Deep dive on the selection process of who you're going to impact, needs to have a larger emotional appeal than "business owner".
  • How: Follow our proprietary formula on planning the emotional response of a publicity stunt.  What are you going to give and what are they going to get?
  • What: Planning out the actual action step that will tie in the who and how in a major way that will generate plenty of buzz in the media.
  • When: The date and time is one of the most important parts to planning, because if timed right... your coverage will drastically increase.


List Building

Now that you know what your publicity stunt is and who it's going to impact, it's time build a list of media contacts. This is a very strategic approach to get the best response possible and increase your chances of mass momentum.

You'll leave this day knowing how to build a strategic list of contacts in each of the following channels...

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Local TV
  • National TV
  • ​Online Publications
  • ​Podcasts

In each of these channels we will find contacts who will care most about the story based on our research as well as ones who are more likely to get the most exposure.


Pitching The Story

Now it's time to start getting ready to send the pitches out to all of the contacts on your list. During this training we're going to make sure we have all the tools needed to create the best response to the pitch.

You'll leave this day knowing how to...

  • Time The Pitch: Knowing when to send the pitch out based on the timing of your stunt and giving enough time for a response.
  • Follow Up Sequences:  Creating a follow up sequence for the ones that don't respond right away to increase chances of coverage.
  • Backup Plan: Having the right backup contacts in case the initial ones don't respond, and knowing when to send pitches to them without damaging chances of coverage or "double dipping" at the same outlet.

A Very Strategic Approach To Create A Big SPLASH!

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to PR is "firing from the hip".  For a successful publicity stunt we need to take a very strategic and well thought out approach. The more strategic we are, the more likely we'll create success the first go.

Worried about getting support through the planning process?

We've got you covered with the next bonus!


Weekly Live


Our goal is to make sure that you succeed so you stick around and continue using our tools that we spent so much time building out.  In order to do that, we wanted to find a way to give live support on a weekly basis.

So We Launched A Weekly Live Mastermind To Help You!

Every week for 90 minutes we hold a live mastermind on Zoom.  During this call I will teach a new strategy or tactic that relates to Public Relations with the end goal of taking your business to the next level.

We'll also discuss topics such as...

  • Sharing Wins: Share some success you've had with news interviews and celebrate others success too.
  • Sharing Struggles: Share about where you may be stuck so that I can help you have that breakthrough you need.
  • Answer Questions: Have questions about a specific strategy or tool? I'll answer those questions on this call.

Surround Yourself With Others Striving To Be The BEST In Their Industry!

Outside of just the support element of the mastermind, we wanted to create a place for our community to connect with eachother, support eachother and celebrate together.  PressHackers are those Entrepreneurs who have a goal of becoming the TOP in their industry so they can make the biggest impact possibe.



Tool & Platform was built to be your all in one Public Relations tool.  This means we've gone even further than earned media.  We've created a social media management tool as well...

And We're Giving It To You For FREE!

Introducing CAM, Your New

Content Automation Manager

CAM was created leveraging the power of AI and technology to help you manage all aspects of your social media channels.

Check out all of the perks below to see what CAM does for you...


Creative Writer

It used to be a hassle to write content, figuring out what to say or how to phrase it would take hours. But now, what used to take hours can be done in less than 60 seconds.

With CAM, he will…

  • Craft the content in a tone that resonates with you, following your instructions. Humorous, serious, or any other.
  • ​Include relevant hashtags to both the topic of the post and the target audience for increased exposure of the content.
  • Create a captivating headline that has the potential to grab the attention of a scrolling user and spark their curiosity.


Graphic Designer

Capturing attention on social media is greatly influenced by visuals, making them one of the most critical aspects. However, creating captivating visuals can be quite challenging. Our image editor simplifies this for you.

With CAM Pix, you can…

  • Gain access to a library of 4.8 million royalty-free graphics, with CAM even offering relevant suggestions for you to use.
  • ​Edit images to match the appropriate dimensions for that social media channel, add your logo, text, frames and more.
  • With your first successful payment, we even provide you with 2 custom branded templates to use for your posts.


Market Analyst

Analyzing the data and insights from 10 social media platforms can be a daunting task, leaving you overwhelmed. CAM will provide you with a comprehensive summary, making it much easier for you to understand.

With CAM Compass, you can…

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your audience demographics on each specific social media channel.
  • ​Find out which of your posts are generating positive responses on each channel, as well as the ones that are less effective.
  • Receive valuable insights on the actionable steps that can be taken to enhance the response and engagement.


Social Media Manager

Easily post directly from this platform to all 10 social media channels with just a few clicks of a button. Come in daily or you can take the time to create a content calendar. Build an entire month’s worth of daily posts in less than an hour.

With CAM, you can…

  • Publish or Schedule posts, whether you have CAM write them or choose to write them yourself.
  • ​Easily create a content calendar and keep track of posts that are coming up so you don’t become repetitive.
  • Reply to comments across all social media channels from one dashboard right here on the website.

Now You Can Get Rid Of That Social Media Management Tool!

One tool to get you earned media AND manage all of your social media.  No need to pay for multiple tools anymore, because our tool replaces it all!

Our platform is integrated with the following tools...

So.. What Are You Waiting For?!

All You Have To Do Is Click And It's Yours..

..For FREE!

  • FREE 30 Days Trial To PRICELESS
  • ​FREE PressHacking 101 Guide...............................................................$799 value
  • ​​FREE 30 Days Access To Media Contact Database..............................$485 value
  • ​FREE PressHacking TV Course................................................................$997 value
  • FREE Publicity Stunt Online Training.....................................................$1995 value
  • FREE Live Weekly Mastermind................................................................$1500 value
  • FREE 30 Days Access to Social Media Managment Tool.....................$300 value

Total Value: $6,076

Start Today For FREE!

Now if you made it this far, you're probably wondering...

"Alright Andrew, What's The Catch?"

Listen -- I'm not hiding anything.  There are two reasons that I've put together such a value packed offer completely for free.  I'll explain both those reasons now so that you have a clear understanding of my goals.

Reason #1: Business Growth

I am trying to bribe you to use our tool.  Why?  Because I know that if I get you in and provide you with everything you could possibly need... you'll see the value after your first news interview and decide to stick around for the foreseeable future.

I remember what it was like trying everything else that everyone else told me to do to only be met with failure after failure...

and I didn't have the money to waste on these failures.  Each loss was digging me into a deeper hole.  I truly believe that this is THE solution to take your business to the next level.

Why?  Because I watched it do that for myself... one news interview propelled me into 3 years of traveling the world and getting paid to speak on stages all over...

and then I've watched it do the same for those who took my courses... and that was before we even launched a software.


Sure, I got to travel the world and have these amazing experiences getting paid anywhere from $5-20,000 per speaking engagement which was a great way to take care of my family.

But more importantly...

I was able to make an impact!

I watched as countless soldiers came up to me after my speaking engagements and shared their stories with me.  Many told me that my story gave them hope, some even told me that my story prevented them from taking their own life.

I want to help you make an impact too!

Whether you're helping business owners make money, people take control of their health, save marriages, build strong bonds with their kids, or anything else.

If I can help get your story in the news through my training and platform... then that means I'm able to continue to make a difference in the world, except this time through you!